Greene International Golf Association

Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail

Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail: $10,000

THE FRESHEST AIR IN GOLF!  Come play “The Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail” fashioned in the incomparable Great Northern Catskills. Now including all the public access golf courses in Greene County.  Our Trail is played on golf courses in America that support over 250 American families. All greens fees are included (cart extra).

Our spectacular courses offer breathtaking views, park-like settings, mountainous challenges and even an island green. Play is from April 1st through October 1st.  ALTHOUGH THE TRAIL STARTS ON APRIL 1st, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BEGIN ON APRIL 1st.  YOU CAN BEGIN ANYTIME FROM APRIL 1st ON.  THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU FINISH ALL NINE COURSES BY OCTOBER 1st.

Purchase Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail Passes below:

Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail Passes

Rip Van Winkle Junior Golf Trail Passes


1) Must be 18 years old to enter raffle.
2) The Trail opens April 1st and closes October 1st. 
3) Tee times are required.
4) After the Rip Van Winkle Golf Trail Package is purchased, the Pass is carried from course to course to be punched and initialed at the clubhouses.
5) Each of the member golf courses must be played in full between April 1st and October 1st.  Failure to play each course as a full round will mean automatic disqualification.
6) Each completed package entitles you to one raffle ticket.
7) Participants may enter more than once, but must purchase a new package and complete play at all nine courses for each new raffle ticket.
8) When play is completed, simply provide your name, address and phone # on the pass and turn it into the last clubhouse.
9) There will be an officially publicized drawing at the end of the season.